Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Speed Up VA

by Jim Fausone

We get asked all the time - "can you make VA move faster on my claim?" My answer is "No one can make VA move fast". The US Supreme Court just agreed with me. On Monday the Supreme Court announced it will not hear a case challenging a lack of speed by the government.

The Vietnam Veterans of America and the Veterans of Modern Warfare allege that the VA takes far too long to process claims made by its members and for all veterans. The groups wanted a ruling that would force VA to respond within 90 days time for all initial claims and 180 days to resolve appeals. The lower federal courts ruled against the veteran groups on a variety of issues and the US Supreme court refused to take up the case. Apparently no one can make the VA beast move in a timely fashion. We will see if Congress takes up this challenge now that the US Supreme Court has declined.

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