Monday, January 31, 2011

Costly Delay

by Jim Fausone
Veteran Disability Lawyer

Anyone involved with the VA disability system knows about the delays that quickly turn from months into years. It starts with the Regional Offices not being able to process the mail and get it in the correct file. It happens at the Board with the snail- slow transfer of files. As long as no one has the file, nothing can get done. It happens at the Court where it takes months for a decision to be made after the Secretary's lawyers have asked for countless extensions.

Well when the Court gets mad enough, it will make the Secretary pay for the delay. The Court awarded $19,000 in attorney fees for the veteran's lawyers time to move VA along. But the real problem is the veteran is without deserved benefits during that period. Maybe if the Court continues to whack the VA it will move a little faster.

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