Monday, May 16, 2011

The iPhone Divorce App: Will it Make Divorce Lawyers Extinct?

by Wendy Alton

There is no doubt that the iPhone offers significant advantages to cell phone users with the hundreds, if not thousands, of apps (applications) that you can download and use. You can use your iPhone to read on the (free) Kindle, rent movies, check local gas prices, plan your workouts and download coupons, just to name a few. You can truly personalize your phone to your own life. Now, it appears you can also download apps to help you through your divorce.

A Dallas Texas family law attorney created 2 divorce apps for the iPhone: one that focuses on the cost and preparation for a divorce, and the other for splitting assets. You can review these apps here:

You can also download another divorce app called the “Divorce Encyclopedia,” which can be found here:

Without looking at the apps themselves it is difficult to tell how effective or educational they may be. I typically advise my clients to read anything online with skepticism, because only a Michigan family law attorney truly understands how the court will handle your divorce issues. That being said, there are valuable websites that offer a wealth of credible information. Perhaps apps will do that as well.

So, are the apps worth it? I don’t know—I have a Droid phone. I guess I’ll have to buy an iPhone to know for sure!

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