Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Seabee Gary Lillie RIP

by Jim Fausone
Veteran Disability Lawyer

Everyday hundreds of veterans pass away. Their life is more than just their service to country. But for every man or woman who served that service is a big part of who they are when they pass away. The veteran community lost a friend over the weekend when Gary Lillie of Dexter, Michigan died after he was struck by a drunk driver.

Gary served in Vietnam and served as a Seabee. His family had a long history of military service. Gary, 70 years old, was a practicing real estate agent in Ann Arbor. He was a proud Scotsman, hockey player and founder of Veterans Radio. He put his money and his energy in telling the story of his fellow veterans on the radio. His efforts resulted in over 400 programs being aired on around the country and on the internet at http://www.veteransradio.net/. Gary was a friend of LHFV and mine. He will be missed. Read more about him at


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