Monday, November 7, 2011

Water and Sewerage Board Changes

Water & Sewerage Board Changes

One of the firm's founding partners, Jim Fausone, was appointed to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department Board of Water Commissioners earlier this year. DWSD supplies water and sewer services to almost 4,000,000 residents in southeast Michigan. The BOWC oversees policy, sets rates, approves contracts and hires the director of DWSD. BOWC sets the department’s $600,000,000 annual budget and its billion dollar capital improvement plan. A chronic problem for DWSD has been staying in compliance with its water discharge permits. DWSD is one of the largest sewer plants in the world and has been under court supervision for over 30 years.

Federal Judge Sean Cox has made it a goal of changing the policies and culture of DWSD to accomplish long term permit compliance. He recently ordered substantial structural changes to the department. Judge Cox also ordered that Jim Fausone become the Chair of BOWC to implement the Court's order, drive improvements and achieve compliance. The faith placed in Jim by the court and BOWC is humbling. We know Jim, an experienced environmental, municipal and business lawyer, is up to the challenge and the firm is fully supportive of this civic assignment. His classmates from University of Michigan College of Engineering must be hoping he paid attention in fluid dynamics class. You can read more about Judge Cox's order in the Detroit Free Press article below.

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