Friday, December 2, 2011

Mental Health Service Insufficient

By Jim Fausone
Veterans Disability Lawyer

When the Wounded Warrior Project speaks, people listen - even Congress. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) should take immediate action to solve systemic gaps in mental health care for veterans according to WWP. During Congressional testimony, WWP discussed its findings of a survey of over 935 respondents and emphasized the major changes the VA must implement swiftly in order to enact improvements to its responsiveness and effectiveness.

The WWP survey found that 62 percent of respondents requested mental health care through the VA. As reported, 40 percent had difficulty in receiving the mental health care necessary or did not receive treatment needed. The survey found some common and recurring issues:

Lack of available mental health providers;
Not seeing the same therapist twice;
Difficulty in obtaining appointments with flexible scheduling surrounding work/personal commitments;
Distance to available VA clinics or hospitals.

VA and this Country can and must do better. Read more about WWP and this survey at:

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