Friday, March 22, 2013

Penalties Severe for Pharmacy and Medicare Fraud

Mark Mandell, Esq.

In Detroit on Wednesday, 43 individuals were indicted by the Federal government on allegations of a widespread conspiracy of pharmacy and Medicare fraud.  The indictment alleges that conspiring doctors, pharmacists, and health care workers wrote fraudulent prescriptions for pills such as OxyContin, Vicodin, and Xanax.  These pills were then sold on the streets of Detroit and elsewhere at a significant profit.

This conspiracy is believed to have defrauded Medicare for more than $21.5 million.

Defendants were charged with a variety of crimes, the main charges including Conspiracy to Distribute and Possess with Intent to Distribute Controlled Substances; and Health Care Fraud Conspiracy.  Also charged were various unlawful monetary transactions and weapons-related offenses.

If convicted of conspiracy to distribute a Schedule II controlled substance, such as OxyContin, Defendants are looking at up to 20 years in prison and more if death or injury resulted from the use of the controlled substances.  This is on top of fines up to $1 million for individual defendants.  If a convicted Defendant has any prior felony drug convictions, the minimum term of imprisonment and fines are increased.

If convicted of a Health Care Fraud Conspiracy, Defendants are looking at up to 10 years in prison, more if injury or death occurs as a result of the fraud.

These fines and imprisonment are in addition to restitution that Defendants may be required to pay to the Medicare System for the fraud.

With the Federal government’s crackdown on all types of health care fraud, these indictments are becoming more and more common.  If you are caught up in fraud or other criminal charges, having experienced and knowledgeable defense attorneys isn’t just helpful – it’s imperative.  Mark Mandell and the fraud team at Fausone Bohn, LLP, have years of experience and are especially suited to negotiate charges with prosecutors and, if necessary, take these cases to trial.

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