Monday, May 6, 2013

Winchester Consulting Group: A Dynamic Trio Takes the Reigns

Spearheaded by Paul Bohn, a partner with the firm Fausone Bohn, LLP, the Winchester Consulting Group brings together Paul’s legal expertise with Lisa Nocerini’s extensive experience as a lobbyist and Stephanie Moran’s journalism background to create a dynamic group. The various talents brought to the table provide an attractive alternative to municipalities strapped by the economic downturn that has left staff members doing the work of two or three people. From grant writing to public relations, economic development to communications expertise, the broad spectrum of services the group provides has helped to offset the loss of public employees that some towns can no longer afford.

The firm has recently done grant writing work for the cities of Westland and Wayne: as a result of Winchester’s help, the cities received a $791,000 grant to help ensure the successful merger of the cities’ fire departments. Impressed with the result, the City of Wayne has already hired Winchester to help them to secure outside grants to help offset budget cuts.

Wayne City manager Robert English notes that Winchester’s “proven track record” is increasingly attractive: with their expertise and established contacts, the group will undoubtedly be an asset to the city of Wayne.

“We love doing this. It is fulfilling to us,” says Lisa. “Sure it is a challenge, but when you are successful, you can really see the difference you make for these communities.”   

To contact the Winchester Consulting Group, visit or call 248.912.3240.

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