Monday, June 3, 2013

Vet Driver’s License Designation

Matthew Worley, Esq.

As a small way to say to show gratitude to Michigan veterans, the Michigan Legislature recently passed and Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation creating a special veteran designation on state driver’s licenses.

The law allows Michigan veterans who were honorably discharged from service to receive the designation on their driver’s license. This will allow them to easily prove their status as a veteran allowing them to more easily obtain discounts and other benefits reserved for them.

The Secretary of State will begin processing requests for these licenses in one year after transitioning to a new computer system.  Adding the designation is voluntary and free of charge to Michigan veterans.

There is also a hope that when store clerks, bank tellers, and others see the designation, it will provide an opportunity for that person to thank the veteran for their service.  This new law is just a small way to increase awareness of the state’s nearly 700,000 veterans and remember the sacrifice each of them has made for this country. 

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