Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Native American Veterans to Obtain Help

Brig. Gen. Carol Ann Fausone (ret.)
As I have traveled the country helping veterans, one group that is underserved are Native Americans.  My friends in western State Veterans Affairs departments have told me of the issues these Native American veterans face.  So it is with some pleasure that I learned the VA is going to focus on these veterans. 
Native Americans have the highest rates of enlistment into the armed services and that there are well over 500 sovereign tribes. The VA has initiatives  such as the 2010 VA-IHS Memorandum of Understanding in which the VA and Indian Health Service (IHS); the 2011 Tribal Consultation Policy in which the VA continues their discussion with tribes; and the 2012 Reimbursement Agreement, in which the VA more easily reimburses IHS facilities for the benefit of Native vets.
No veteran should be left behind.  Our Native American veterans deserve all the benefits to which they are entitled.

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