Friday, August 6, 2010

Gulf War Vets Struggle
By Jim Fausone

It has been almost twenty years since the Gulf War, last year the VA once again reviewed how it was handling GW veteran claims. In August, VA announced three new Gulf War illness studies:

• A five-year study on the impact of resistance-exercise training to treat chronic musculoskeletal pain.
• A four-year study on therapies to enhance mood and memory, aiming to improve cognitive function and reverse depressive and anxiety-like behaviors with anti-depressants, antioxidants and exercise.
• A two-year pilot on “mindfulness-based stress reduction.”
More studies is not really the answer. In May 2010 , a VA report recommended seven areas in need of attention on GW claims. Then VA released new training documents for doctors and claims adjudicators that explain environmental factors troops may have been exposed to, as well as how to document and get benefits for those veterans. Let VA simply give the benefit of the doubt to the GW veteran as it is required by law. We don’t need more studies and more training documents.

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