Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Medical Malpractice Leads to Insignificant Award

by Kristina Derro

An article in The Denver Post highlighted the recent award an Army veteran received for having a surgical clamp left in his chest after surgery at the Denver VA Medical Center—only $130,000. It is astounding as to how little an injury like that is actually worth in the eyes of the VA.

In order to get $130,000 the veteran had to proceed to trial. Prior to trial, VA only offered $100,000 for settlement. After going through a rigorous and costly three-day trial, the federal judge awarded the veteran $130,000.

The news article explained that the veteran was disappointed with the award by the judge. Rightly so, considering the fact that the surgical clamp is still inside his chest, because doctors told him that it was too risky to be removed since it was embedded in the muscle.

Read the article in its entirety:

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