Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sacrifice of Few for Many

by Jim Fausone
Veteran Disability Lawyer

My nephew is still in Afghanistan with the Marines. His year is almost up. My wife, a retired Brigadier General, and I pray he returns safely. But it is clear that not all families in this country are making sacrifices during this decade of war. While an all volunteer military is a good idea, it is important to make sure that those that are sacrificing get all the benefits they have earned. One General that has made the sacrifice and lost a son in the process is Lt. Gen. Kelly.

"Their struggle is your struggle," Lt. Gen. Kelly said "If anyone thinks you can somehow thank them for their service, and not support the cause for which they fight - our country - these people are lying to themselves. . . . More important, they are slighting our warriors and mocking their commitment to this nation."

A well written and informative article about Kelly and sacrifice is attached.

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