Monday, March 28, 2011

VA Blogging Good or Bad

by Jim Fausone
Veterans Disability Lawyer

Social media has made its way to the VA. Blogging is now in the VA's communication tool box. VA has hired former bloggers who were critical for VA to come to the other side and blog for VA. The mission is to revolutionize how the VA interacts with veterans on the Internet, so that veterans can get information, and people with complaints can get answers.

In theory this is a good idea. We will have to see how it develops over time. A lot of VA ideas are great but become corrupted by the system. Anyone using IRIS to get information on their claim only to get junk answers back or bad information knows how bad the system can be. We use it dozens of times a week and are appalled at how bad the information response is to the simplest Internet inquiry, like “what is the status of my claim.” Let’s hope the blogging tool does not just become a propaganda machine.

Read about how this came about below. I have also provided the blog link. To learn more or to contact a Veterans disability lawyer, Veterans disability attorney, Veterans lawyer, or Veterans attorney call 1.800.693.4800 or visit

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