Monday, January 16, 2012

Jobs for Veterans

Our veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are coming home and looking for work. There is probably no better solution to the difficulty of reintegration into civilian life than having a good job. Everyone has a different definition of good job. Some look at the pay or the benefits or the type of work, or being indoor or outdoor or the hours. I believe military men and women make great employees. They bring maturity, experience and understanding the mission. By and large they are not whiners about trivial matters. Veterans have experienced real hardships and the little things don't matter. But the reintegration challenge is not a one size fits all. Some vets have never been on a job interview or drafted a resume. We can all help veterans looking for work by advising and networking with them. The Stars and Stripes recently reported on getting hired. You may want to pass this along to a comrade in need.

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