Monday, February 25, 2013

Reduction in Force Increases Veterans

Jim Fausone, Esq.
Veteran Disability Attorney

The nonsense in Washington has included strangling the DOD of defense budget.   With the wind down in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it was inevitable that a troop draw down would occur.  The pace and planning on the draw down is now coming into light.  The Army is to be reduced 60,000 troops and the Marines will reduce 20,000 troops.  Those who know the Veteran Affairs world will know that these 80,000 will face years of delay in getting the medical treatment and VA disability ratings to which they are entitled.  Congress should not force DOD to draw down the troops without insuring that VA can take care of these men and women in the VA system.  The impending cuts are independent of the $1.2 trillion in mandatory cuts, otherwise known as sequestration, which will take place next month if Congress fails to reach a preventative deal.  Congress should at least try to get this right.

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