Thursday, February 28, 2013

Veterans Post Surgery Compensation

Jim Fausone, Esq
Veteran Disability Attorney

So now, the Inspector General reports that VA overpays veterans.  Really?  Most veterans fight for years to get the compensation correct.  The IG looked at a narrow batch of cases where veterans temporarily receive a 100 percent disability rating while undergoing surgery or debilitating treatments and convalescing.    Claims examiners allegedly failed —in two out of three sampled cases — to seek a follow-up medical exam to determine if the veteran’s condition has improved and the temporary 100 percent disability rating should be reduced accordingly, inspectors said.  The IG claims this 66% error rate has allowed 12,800 vets to be over compensated during a 16 year period.  This is focusing on the flea on the tail of the dog.  There is a backlog of 900,000 claims.  So this report focuses on 1.4% of the VA backlog claims.  This is typical government thinking; focus on the small problems, make them seem really important and you can ignore the big problems, which are important.


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