Wednesday, August 28, 2013

$4.15M Settlement Evidences Benefit of Reporting

Breeda O’Leary, Esq.
The U.S. Government (“Government”) and the State of Michigan (“State”) have reached an agreement in a False Claims Act case wherein the Defendants have agreed to pay $4.15M to the Government and State for fraudulent billings to Medicare and Medicaid.
The qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act allows an individual with knowledge of Medicare or Medicaid Fraud, referred to as the “relator,” to file a lawsuit on behalf of the Government against those committing the fraud.  The Government is then provided notice of the lawsuit and is given the option to intervene as Plaintiff in the suit.  If the Government obtains a judgment or settlement in the suit, the relator is provided a percentage of the amount collected.
In the instant case, it was alleged that the Defendants, Dr. Jashu R. Patel and other Jackson Cardiology Associates physicians, performed unnecessary cardiac procedures at Allegiance Health’s W.A. Foote Hospital in Jackson, also a Defendant in the case.  Medicare and Medicaid were billed for these procedures.  Dr. Julie A. Kovich, a former independent contractor at Jackson Cardiology Associates, filed suit as the relator in this case.  While Dr. Kovich faces the possibility of being ostracized by her peers, she will receive approximately $764,700.00 as the relator. 
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