Thursday, August 1, 2013

VA Forms Challenge

Jim Fausone
Veteran Disability Lawyer
If you are a veteran navigating the VA disability process, you are amazed at the numerous forms that must be completed.  If you are like many vets, the DOD experience with forms did not train you for the VA collection of forms, some of which seem designed to confuse.  A recent article discussed the federal government’s desire to create a form for every event. "The American Action Forum found that paperwork needed for health benefits claims — in part the result of 31.2 million Veterans Affairs claims each year — takes federal employees roughly 43.3 million hours to process."

" Other findings in the study:

   A disabled veteran seeking health and educational benefits could encounter up to 49 different forms, more than four hours of paperwork, and an aggregate cost of $125, assuming $31 per hour of compliance time.
   One collection, “Income-Net Worth and Employment Statement,” contains 40 questions, takes one hour to complete, and VA receives more than 104,000 responses every year."

What do you think is the worst form in the VA universe of forms?


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