Monday, November 25, 2013

Court of Claims to Move to Court of Appeals

The legislation to move the Court of Claims from Ingham County to the Court of Appeals passed in the House of Representatives by a 57-52 vote. Governor Snyder has indicated that he will be signing the bill into immediate effect. Senate Bill 0652 will allow a variety of judges, from all over Michigan, to hear the cases that are brought forward against The State. In the past, The Court of Claims was located in Ingham County and only Ingham County residents, which are only 3% of the population, were able to vote for the judges that would be hearing these cases.

The new legislation will allow the Supreme Court Justices to appoint judges from all over Michigan to hear citizen claims. This legislation was created in an effort to make The Court of Claims a fairer environment for private parties, such as contractors who have done work for The State. The Fausone Bohn law firm regularly represents clients with claims against the State of Michigan in The Court of Claims. Attorneys Paul Bohn and Christopher Frescoln handle these types of claims and can be reached at (248) 380-0000 or email or

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