Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You Native American Veterans

Jim Fausone
Veteran Disability Lawyer

If you have served, someone you know in the unit, platoon or brigade was a Native American.  The First Americans have a long and distinguished history of service to the country. As an ethnic group, Native Americans serve at a higher rate than other groups.  That history is marked by 25 Medal of Honor recipients being Native American.  You may not know that Native Americans have their own veteran service organization. 
Starting in 2002, the Native American Veterans Association (NAVA) is a mutual fraternal non-profit organization (501 C 19), built around the American Military culture with a rich history and legacy that dates back to and around the creation of the nation. As a Native-American based organization, NAVA stretches its helping hand out to all tribal and non-tribal veterans and their families.

NAVA is an advocate dedicated to serving veterans and their families. This service includes assisting veterans and dependents when applying for Federal, State, and County benefits and all other rights to which they are entitled in the most expedient manner possible.  The official colors of NAVA are Black, Red, Purple, and Gold. The Black represents POW/MIA’s and those who still have not returned. The Red represents the blood of those shed in battle. The Purple represents the Purple Heart. And the Gold represents Honor in Service. 
The US Army recognizes the value of Native Americans to the country.  You may find the attached article from Indian Country Media Today.

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