Thursday, July 15, 2010

Michigan Medical Marijuana: A Growing Industry

Many voters approved the new medical marijuana law because they wanted to offer help to individuals who suffer from terminal and debilitating diseases. They believed that marijuana would be tightly regulated; prescribed by family doctors, and dispensed through pharmacies. Unfortunately, reality is far different.

Since Michigan voters approved the use of medical marijuana, medical clinics, law offices, hydroponic stores, and schools have begun to advertise their services and created a “growing” industry. The state of Michigan has approved tens of thousands of registration cards to “patients” and “caregivers” and local communities are beginning to decide whether to approve marijuana businesses in homes, offices, and strip malls or ban them because of crime associated with them. To learn more about the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and its impact on communities, click on the link below to read my article.

Michigan Medical Marijuana: Truth and Fiction

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