Friday, July 16, 2010

Therapeutic Fishing

"Therapeutic Fishing" sounds like an excuse to get out of work and go fishing but it is more. There is a growing body of medical research and antidotal evidence that fishing is good therapy for veterans. The VA recognizes the recreational value of fishing and the therapy that results. It allows a veteran to de-stress and get away from the problems of the day. It promotes a national program called "". The Michigan Veteran Homes regularly have fishing rodeos for their members according to Brigadier General Carol Ann Fausone. The General is participating in "Tight Lines for Troops" this month in Manistee at a program sponsored by the Brain Injury Association of Michigan. BIAMI will also host Tips Up for Troops on June 12th. Legal Help for Veterans, PLLC have been a sponsor of this event since it began. If you want to read about BIAMI fishing programs for veterans, click below. Next time you go fishing tell them "the doctor ordered it!"


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