Monday, February 27, 2012

Personality Disorder Tag

Jim Fausone
Veteran Disability Lawyer

We have written about this tactic before. The military brands a soldier with the tag or diagnosis of personality disorder and discharges him or her from the service. About 3000 troops a year are discharged this way. Why you may ask? Because the military considers personality disorder a pre-existing problem that emerges in youth, and as a result, troops given the diagnosis are often administratively discharged without medical pay or VA disability compensation.

The Army got caught swapping PTSD diagnosis for personality disability. A general officer admitted it was to avoid the VA compensation a soldier would receive over his lifetime if he had a PTSD diagnosis. Though it is impossible to know how many veterans are disputing their personality disorder discharges, Vietnam Veterans of America, an advocacy group, with help from the Yale veteran’s legal clinic, has sued the Defense Department seeking records they say will show that thousands of troops have been unfairly discharged for personality or adjustment disorder since 2001.

If you were discharged with "personality adjustment”, contact us about seeking compensation. Read more about this problem in a recent New York Times article about a 50 year old soldier’s recent improper diagnosis.

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