Monday, February 13, 2012

Veterans & Farming

Jim Fausone
Veterans Disability Lawyer

Many men and women from rural America serve their country proudly. After service they return to uncertain employment opportunities. The unemployment rate among veterans is a national embarrassment. My home state of Michigan, known for manufacturing, also has a large agricultural base.

An article on a program for Ag Warriors caught my attention. The new Ag Warriors program in California’s Central Valley is getting launched to connect veterans and agriculture employers. Founded by the International Agri-Center, which hosts the World Ag Expo in Tulane, California, Ag Warriors has partnered with four educational institutions to develop training curriculum that mingle the veterans’ military skills with those needed to thrive in a farming career. That is creative thinking! Ag Warriors' mission is to identify, develop and place returning veterans in long-term professions in the agriculture industry following their military service.

I would hope community colleges around the nation would find a way to integrate this type of program and outreach to veterans. A future in agriculture may be just what a veteran, from rural or urban life, needs.

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